Incorporating elements of Ballet and Jazz, an exciting class for adults that cover a range of techniques, which in turn develops fundamental skills, including balance, poise and graceful movement. Lyrical will challenge you to use movement to interpret music and express emotion.  Lyrical is a very passionate and emotional dance style portraying an assortment of emtions, telling a story through every movement made. Are you ready to get in touch with your inner self? If so this is the class for you. 

This class is a combination of ballet & lyrical based  movement used to enhance the dancer who enjoys fluid movement while using imagination with dance.  This class will allow you to improve your technique and performance quality, and develop more complex rhythms and patterns. Develop your skills by implementing ballet, modern & jazz techniques to express lyrics of songs; flowing, graceful, emotional and inspirational.  Develop strength & flexibility while acquiring solid dance technique. 

When dressing for a Lyrical dance class, think about wearing clothing that is comfotable and allows you to move. LUKI Lyrical classes are very informal and all about the dancers interpretation!  Wear whatever suits you, whether it be a baggy Tee-shirt and leggings, or capris and a tank top, Lyrical is all about your expression. . 

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