To Dance is to be yourself, larger,  more beautiful, more powerful. 

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What the world needs now is more furious dancing!
The World GROOVE Movement is a powerful force of passionate dance lovers that are dedicated to inspiring the world to UNITE and GROOVE.

The World Groove Movement was founded by Misty Tripoli, Creator of The Groove Method® in 2011 after 20 years of teaching movement and spending 10 years traveling the World as a NIKE Elite Trainer inspiring thousands through her love of dance, truth and higher consciousness.Her powerful yet surprisingly simple method to movement, mindfulness and creativity that makes dance easy and accessible to everyone has quickly evolved into a global dance movement with Groove Dancefloors in over 20 countries. The World Groove Movement has become one of the leading voices in the conscious movement revolution.
Dance is as natural and normal as walking but unfortunately and tragically most people don’t dance.
What?! Really?!
Yup! Self-consciousness kicks in about age 8 and most people stop dancing. Not cool or necessary! We have a simple solution and a mission to change it! Everybody can dance!

When dressing for a Groove dance class, think about wearing clothing that allows you to move. Anything you feel comfortable to move in is great!  Most of our dancers prefer to wear leggings and tank or t-shirt of some kind.