What the world needs now is more furious dancing!
Energia ( Eh-ner-he-aw) by Wil Martinez  - A great new way to get your body moving and feeling some latin vibes.

Energia is  high impact Latin dance movements, design to shake you up! This is about feeling the rhythmic beat of the Latin instruments. From the smooth salsa moves and the fast Merengue beats, to the hard core hip movements of Reggaeton , is what makes you want to keep on moving. The beauty of Latin dancing is the translation you give to the song by dancing to the beat of , “ Pura Vida “! (Pure life!) 

When dressing for a Energia dance class, think about wearing clothing that allows you to move. Anything you feel comfortable to move in is great!  Most of our dancers prefer to wear leggings and tank or t-shirt of some kind.  Runners are the best shoe option for this class.  

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