If you’re looking for an intelligently designed, incredibly effective, super fun, stress busting, energizing cardio dance fitness class set to off-the-charts phenomenal dance music ~ then YOU, beautiful woman ~ have hit the jackpot!
The ultimate holistic fusion of Dance, Fitness and Yoga!  You'll get 40 minutes of sweaty, high energy cardio, 10 minutes of targeted + full body core work and 10 minutes of relaxing stretches to finish it off. Always safe, effective and fun, our mission is to help you feel amazing in your body, no matter what your age, size, ability, race or faith.  Bellyfit is a customized  form of movement that honours  any strength and any vary of levels and abilities.W hen we find time on a regular basis to move, sweat, have fun and connect with other people in an inclusive, collaborative environment, we are uplifted and empowered, thereby uplifting and empowering those around us! 

When dressing for a Beliiyfit dance class, think about wearing clothing that allows you to move. Anything you feel comfortable to move in is great!  Most of our dancers prefer to wear leggings and tank or t-shirt of some kind. 

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