Whether you are a dancer or just want to get fit in a dynamic and creative way,  Ballet is always a great choice! Our adult ballet classes are suitable for all experience levels and are an inspiring way to learn to develop grace, elegance and precision. Ballet is the basis of all dance training and improves strength, posture, balance and flexibility.  
In this class we will itroduce different ballet terms and movements while providing opportunities to increase flexibility, improve body alignment, and lengthen muscles.. Dancers  will develop technique, musicality and grace while progressing at a steady pace over the session.  J This class is suitable if you are new to  Ballet  or if you want to develop your existing skills and confidence.  Our Ballet classes  include warm-up, stretches, barre work, centre practice, and combinations. Over the term the technique and patterns will become more  complex and intricate to keep your mind working!

When dressing for a Ballet  dance class, think about wearing clothing that allows you to move. LUKI Ballet  classes are casual and relaxed!  A dancer's body lines need to be visible, however, so baggy clothes are generally discouraged. Tights and leotards are fine, but most of our dancers prefer to wear leggings and a figure fitting tank top.  Dont forget your Ballet shoes! 

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